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Metallographic Preparation & Testing Equipment | Taiwan Nakazawa
Since 1989, Taiwan Zhongze has been the agent of Japan's Future-Tech laboratory special equipment. After accumulating professional technology, it has invested in the research and development of its own brand TN (Taiwan Nakazawa), and launched a series of high-quality equipment. Including large and small metallographic precision cutting machines, metallographic automatic inlay machines, metallographic grinding and polishing machines, and other metallographic sample preparation equipment, which can improve the quality of customers' products, improve experimental efficiency and reduce the cost of consumables.
We also provide customized services to plan and build laboratories for customers as a whole. The high-quality services allow us to quickly accumulate a reputation in all walks of life.

Global sales

Global Sales | Taiwan Nakazawa

With the gradual expansion of the market, Zhongze has opened up many sales offices around the world and established a proper high-quality supplier system around the world to provide zero-day service.
Our customers are located in various industries all over the world. Through many years of customer cases in Taiwan Zhongze, we can get ideal solutions and professional advice.

We have a top-notch R&D team. In the process of research and development, we have effectively improved the certainty and reliability of testing, and we have obtained many patents to make us a strong competitor.

Talent Education

Talent Education | Taiwan Nakazawa

The chairman of the board, Mr. Hong Zhouhong, has more than 40 years of experience in testing equipment sales and pays special attention to talent cultivation. Internally, he is required to strengthen the training of internal personnel, and he is enthusiastic about public welfare externally. The talents of Taiwan have been studying heat treatment technology together. Under his leadership, Taiwan Zhongze has always been one of the pioneers in the industry, leading the industry forward.

We have established a complete after-sales system and developed comprehensive training courses. Every quality assurance staff has professional skills to solve your problems. In addition, it also provides annual after-sales service to keep every piece of equipment stable and accurate, further greatly improve the production process, and continue to provide customers with and create product-added value, thereby assisting customers to enhance their advantages in the international market.

Over the past 30 years, Taiwan Zhongze has been working step by step and fulfilling its promises to customers.

Today, Taiwan Zhongze has established a good reputation with outstanding performance. The measuring instruments produced by the proficient technology are of both quality and with a steady and open pace, we are moving towards a sustainable journey of the company's development.
In the future, we will also uphold the business philosophy of "honesty, sincerity, and sincerity", devote ourselves to the innovation and research, and development of measuring instruments and equipment, provide customers with faster and lower-cost solutions, and create unlimited business opportunities for customers.