Metallography Equipment And Machines For Laboratory

Metallographic sample preparation equipment is a pre-processing equipment used in metallographic analysis. It can cut, embed, grind, polish, and process samples to achieve a certain level of smooth and polished surface, facilitating metallographic analysis.
The manufacturing process of metallographic sample preparation equipment needs to consider the following factors:

  • Material selection: The materials used in the equipment need to meet the requirements of corrosion resistance, high strength, high temperature resistance, etc. Common materials include stainless steel, hard alloys, ceramics, etc.
  • Manufacturing process: The manufacturing of metallographic sample preparation equipment needs to consider the precision and stability of the equipment. The manufacturing process includes casting, forging, processing, welding, surface treatment, etc.
  • Technical requirements: Metallographic sample preparation equipment needs to have certain technical requirements, such as automatic control, precision control, safety protection, etc., which requires the support and cooperation of relevant technical personnel.
  • Quality control: Quality control needs to be carried out during the manufacturing process, including the inspection of raw materials, intermediate products, and finished products, to ensure the quality and performance of the equipment.

In summary, the manufacturing of metallographic sample preparation equipment needs to consider multiple aspects such as material selection, manufacturing process, technical requirements, and quality control. It requires comprehensive design and manufacturing, and the assembly capability needs to have a set assembly process with double confirmation to ensure the quality and performance of the equipment.

The metallographic sample preparation equipment includes precision cutting machines, embedding machines, grinding and polishing machines, etc. Consumables include cutting grinding wheels, emery powder, grinding sandpaper, diamond solution, polishing cloth, etc. Taiwan Nakazawa Company has over 30 years of sales and service experience. Later, it independently developed, designed, manufactured and assembled metallographic sample preparation equipment with excellent quality, which has received praise from all sides. The produced sample specimens can achieve good results whether used for hardness testing or corrosion analysis under a metallographic microscope.

Metallographic Cutting Machines Precision abrasive Metallographic cutting machines using grinding wheels can select different cutting machines according to the size of the workpiece and processing technology, contact us for more info.
Metallographic Cutting Machines
Embedding Machine The metallographic embedding machine produced by Taiwan Nakazawa has passed CE certification. The embedding machine automatically enters water cooling after heating is completed, contact TN for more detail.
Embedding Machine
Grinding/ Polishing Machines The automatic metallographic grinding and polishing machine(metallographic polisher) features a sturdy and durable cast aluminum base, equipped with a high-precision spindle, view our website for more detail.
Grinding/ Polishing Machines
Metallographic Microscope Taiwan Nakazawa provides metallographic microscopes, precision measuring instruments, torque meter wrenches, and other test and measurement equipment. Contact us for more test equipment detail.
Metallographic Microscope
Consumables Taiwan Nakazawa provides kinds of metallographic consumables such as grinding wheels, cold buried resin, and diamond disk cameo disks for metallographic test equipment, view our website for more info.